Thursday, July 11, 2013

Zeal Update

Still working this Zeal Challenge. I'm down another pound but I have still been lazy. I keep saying I'm going to add exercise into my daily routine but I just get so busy and find other things to be doing/enjoying instead. I would rather just not eat. Haha... Seriously though I will start one of these days... As far as hunger goes I'm good. I haven't really had an issue with feeling hungry this far. I do keep forgetting to take the Burn at dinner but thankfully I haven't been eating extremely bad. Because of summer gardens we're getting a lot of fresh veggies so we've been getting creative and trying to eat healthier as a family. I have started to notice that my portions are getting smaller and still seem to fill me up naturally. Lately I have been working on seeing food differently. Instead of being in love with it, I'm trying to just stay away from it. Which could also explain why exercise has been alluding me. Exercise makes me hungry which = eating more and thinking I can get away with cheating more because I earned it by burning a few calories. Definitely not the healthiest way to look at things but its keeping me more on track right now. I figure you can't rush these things. One day at a time down this journey of weight-loss that we all love/hate so much... 

Thanks for all the support!!