Thursday, March 28, 2013

Va-JJ Hair Removal...

Yes, this blog post is about my experience getting a wax job down there. It was no joke. Would I recommend it? Definitely. Will I do it again? Definitely. Did it hurt? Definitely.

So groupon is amazing and I got a Brazilian Wax for $35. A friend agreed to hold my hand and I thought why not?! I have always wanted to do it and this is half price so it's win win. I took my pain meds and thought it can't be that bad, besides the vagina heals itself so quickly anyway. I can do this. This pep talk did not help much but I ended up getting on the table anyway... She had to trim the area first (I wasn't sure how long it needed to be so I let it grow) which was very embarrassing but funny to me. Then she got started. The wax was warm but not hot and then she put the cloth strip over it and WHAM!!! I expected it to hurt but wow! That was a shock and I literally cried out in pain. I almost got off the table and walked out of there, but my friend survived and I didn't want to be a total vag (haha) so I didn't move. I stayed spread eagle and let the torture continue. Yes I said torture because that is exactly what it was... TORTURE!! But I survived like many do, tipped the nice lady and left.

The first day or so after my whole region was nice and swollen which was very unattractive but fascinating at the same time. I walked a little funny but the pain was getting better so that was a plus. By day 3 she was back to normal size and she very smooth. Despite the pain and swollen vagina I loved it and so did the hubby. It's lasted about a month and no red bumps appeared like when shaving. I did use my Coochy as a calming lotion during the shower but I don't know if it helped or just helped ease my mind. Regardless I'm going to make that a regular part of my waxing ritual from now on. Final verdict: if you have ever thought about doing it, just do it. You will find that the pain isn't as bad as you think it will be or that you are way tougher than you thought you could be. Either way you'll survive and love the end result (and so will your spouse). <3

Xoxo, Lindsay