Sunday, March 3, 2013

My PR Passion

Pure Romance came into my life almost 6 years ago when a friend threw my bachelorette party. I remember thinking how much fun I had and of course I was super excited to get to try so of the many products on my wish list thanks to all my friends. But never once did I think I could ever sell PR for a living. In fact, as open as I am it felt so wrong to even think about it.

What changed? Well a couple years later one of my BFFs started her PR biz and loved it. She never pushed too hard to get me to sign up (now I wish she had!) and I never asked to many questions. I realize now that I let fear stop me. You see, I have tried selling many different things over the years and failed at it. You can't expect to sell a product that you aren't passionate about and that is exactly what happened to me. I started out with good intentions but always got bored or moved on to the next thing. Once I even helped a friend by signing up underneath her so she could meet her fast track requirements. It was free so why not? No surprise when I got bored and quit.

Over the years I hosted a few parties, went to a few parties, and ordered lots of products. Then the kits went on sale (for a third time) and the sale was 60% off. My PR mom finally got her recruit. Why now? Well, honestly I am the type of person who likes to keep busy. If I don't have a ton of things going on then I get bored and lazy. This was fun way to get out of the house and be a woman, not a wife, or a mother. I thought, the heck with what anyone thought! I want to have fun! So I signed up and started studying.

My first party was extremely nerve racking. My stomach hurt, I had no idea what I doing, and I was just plain scared to death. But I kept reading the information provided, I watched demo videos, and I listened to speeches and seminars. Two things happened... The parties started getting easier. I found that once I relaxed I set the mood for everyone. Second, I realized how much I loved it. I get to connect with women on a very personal level and sometimes help them improve what I believe to be one of the most important aspects in our lives... Our sexual health. Now it's a ministry for me. I don't feel like my business is taboo anymore, it's empowering. I educate, I entertain, and I empower women. I study and I talk about something that really matters, and if it doesn't it should! Who'd of thought that selling relationship enhancement products could bring me closer to God and help me work toward perfecting me? This is what PR has done for me. It has changed my life, made me want to be a better person, wife and mother. And it has helped me help other women do the same. Sex is a hard topic but it shouldn't be ignored. It should be embraced and enjoyed!!!

Xoxo, Lindsay

Lindsay Bane
Pure Romance Consultant