Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sex Impossible

Unfortunately, I am the mom who doesn't listen to anyone and does everything that I want to do. This includes letting our youngest sleep with us. I know it's wrong but I can't help myself. When that sweet little face wants to sleep with mommy I can't say no.

Now what this does to our sex life... Well, let me first say that it is amazing when we get to be intimate. My husband is definitely a giver, which makes for one happy wife, and I like to think that I also have a hand in our Avatar love making as well. That being said, once a week is about it for us.

Being a Pure Romance Consultant definitely has its perks but what good do they do if we can't use them? Those rare nights when all the kids go to bed early and little man falls asleep with his sisters or on the kitchen floor (yes this happens), mommy and daddy make a run for it! But is it enough? Most weeks we're both so tired and our to do lists are so long that I would say yes we have just the right amount of sex. Then there are those times I feel like my husband holds out on me, but the reality is that I'm having a "fat" day and need extra attention.

So I started selling PR, started reading articles and books about marriage and sex, and libido. I tried all the PR games, we bought extra toys, tried the lubricants and tasted the creams. Of course this was all in the name of "research" so we had to do it. At first it was a chore almost. I felt like someone was telling us that we had to have sex. Then it started to be fun. I was finding myself looking forward to our research. What it did was made us both aware of each other sexually again. We found that we made that research time more often and tried new things and talked! Our communication started improving, we even started flirting again!!! Now when that song Big Bad Handsome Man by Imelda May comes on I get flutters down below and start gigging like a teenager. HELLO Dustin!!!! This is just one of the things I love about Pure Romance!!!